It is a time to  turn your phone to hands-free Kickborn, one can call it “J.A.R.V.I.S” from Iron man.

Kickborn is now fully hands free.  It listen your voice in background, without internet and activated on your command like “hello white” which is a default voice command to activate.

You can following questions in your mind-

Q1 – What is the battery performance?

A1 – Kickborn hands free is highly battery friendly when listens in background

Q2 – What can kickborn do ?

A2 –  Any time your  phone is around, just speak “hello  white” and then you can do whole  bunch of things like “Call  John” ,  “Send text to Robert” or “Remind we tomorrow for  laundry at 10 pm” or “Play music swift” or  “Which is the biggest planet”  or “Who is the president of  America”

Q3 – There is a risk  that kickborn records the audio and can mis-use  it

A3 – kickborn never stores the data on disc  or cloud, It only listen for voice command, rest all is ignored.

Q4 – Where can i find latest version of Kickborn?

A4 – It is at play store Download-button