“Architects That Aren’t Allowed To Code”

This is difficult to digest for my brain. But Of course i was expected to design the software and discuss this with the team. I was naturally expected to review the implementation against the design and standards.
What I wasn’t able to do is to get involved in the implementation.

But in past i corrected something with i didn’t like myself. Now i have to convince someone to change it or simply let it go. At this position i must have knowledge to convince others what is wrong and correct with available time and resources.

Also in this role we have to be quite sure what exactly being used in application and why ? The architect needs to consider the whole of the system and how it interacts with the outside world. System must be scalable to future changes, business requirements and user load.

But at the end titles are not important. What important is the role we perform. Architect is a role more than a title.